Web Hosting

Halcyon Creations offers a wide variety of hosting options available exclusively to our customers. We have affordable plans that match the necessary resources of your site. I’m sure you’ve heard advertisements and hosting offers for unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, and so on for as little as 4.99 a month. What they don’t tell you is they CPU throttle control your site. And once you’ve reached your peak (which isn’t much) they’ll force you to upgrade your plan or drop you as a customer. Here at halcyon creations we also offer affordable hosting solutions, but without the aggressive marketing tactics used to force you into paying above average prices after upgrading service.


Halcyon Creations offers hosting plans starting 5.99 / month including more than enough resources for the average site. More complex sites such as ecommerce or social networking sites may require additional features. We will work with you and create a plan that matches your needs. The good old saying “you get what you pay for” holds true even in a web hosting sense, and you can be sure your money is well spent at Halcyon Creations.


We’re not saying all hosting providers are out to get you, but you have to be careful and read the fine print. If you choose to host with another provider or already have a hosting service paid for; we can work with them but prefer to have admin access to the host allowing our developers to properly configure and keep your site secure.

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